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Behavioral Consultations

  • Mountain View Animal Hospital is proud to announce we are now offering behavioral consultations! We work with dogs and cats who need help with:

    • Inappropriate Elimination & House Soiling

    • Separation Anxiety

    • Many Types of Aggression

    • Dog Reactivity 

    • Muzzle Training

    • Fearfulness & Phobias

    • Destructive Behaviors

    • And More.....

  • Behavioral Health Assessment - What To Expect

    • Initial behavior consultations are 1 hour long​

    • Includes a full physical exam 

    • Full evaluation of your pet's behavior and environment

    • Rule out of medical causes of your pets behavior 

      • Cost of tests, bloodwork, and medication not included

    • Development of a behavior modification plan to reduce the problem behaviors ​​

    • Includes a 15-30 minute follow-up phone call to answer any questions that arise or adjust the behavior modification plan

  • What to Bring With You

    • Bring your pet hungry - skip breakfast or feed a half meal ​​​​

    • Plenty of your cat or dogs favorite treats or favorite toy 

    • Your dogs basket muzzle 

    • Any harnesses or collars used during training 

  • If your pet cannot be seen at the clinic and needs an outcall appointment or consultation for treatment, please indicate this at time of scheduling. 

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