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How to Prepare Your Cat for the Veterinary Visit

       Studies show that lowered stress levels lead to pets that recover faster from surgery and diseases. Here at Mountain View Animal Hospital in Redmond, Oregon, we are committed to providing a low stress environment for you pet during their visit and if needed, during their stay here. Help us keep the fear free environment by preparing your feline friend at home, even before the care ride. 

  • Choosing a crate to carry your cat in is the safest way to travel with your pet- just be sure the crate is sturdy, not missing any of the clamps or clips to close it, and the door can be fully closed and locked. A crate with an easily removable top is ideal.

  • Start by socializing your cat to the crate- you can feed treats and meals inside the crate (with the door open) to acclimate your pet to the crate.

  • Use pheromone sprays in and around the crate. Come by the clinic to get some.

  • Travel with the crate on the floor of your vehicle where it is less likely to shift or fall.

  • Bring a towel from home that smells like home and cover the carrier to provide increased sense of calm.

  • Use a towel or blanket from their favorite spot at home and place that in the carrier before coming in. 

  • Bring your cat's favorite treats and toy to provide a sense of calm and reward.

  • Your cat afraid of dogs? Visit us during our feline only exam times- making it less likely they will see a dog.

  • Want to wait in the car and not the waiting room? Call or text your arrival with vehicle model and color and we will come get you for your appointment. This can also lower your pet's stress level.

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