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Reproductive Services

At Mountain View Animal Hospital we offer reproductive services for planned and responsible breeding. These are just a few of our services we provide in our veterinary clinic:

NEW! Now offering Transcervical Insemination 

Transcervical insemination (TCI) allows bitches to be bred by directly delivering semen into the uterus non-surgically and without sedation or anesthesia. TCI is non-invasive and generates equivalent conception and pregnancy rates as surgical AI. 

Prebreeding Wellness Exam

We now have in clinic progesterone for same day  results for breeding timing!

Discuss the health of both your male and female dog or cat, tests recommended to optimize health during the breeding season, and to discuss breeding and pregnancy management.

Ovulation Timing

Timing ovulation allows for a precise breeding window to maximize litter size and obtain an accurate due date.

PennHIP is testing of the laxity or looseness of a dog's hip to help decrease the evidence of dysplasia and it can be done as early as 16 weeks of age!

Planned Cesarean Section

Is your dog at risk for needing a C-section? Is your litter too valuable to risk loosing in the middle of the night? Let us discuss planning a C-section.

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