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Online Pharmacy

Online pharmacies- buyer beware! 

Who does not order online? We all do! But where you order medications from matters! We have all ordered online and the item we received was either misrepresented online or the absolute wrong size or even item. 

If you purchase a dog collar online the safety and quality is not affected by the seller that you purchase it from. But medications are different. Purchasing medications from a veterinarian who just prescribed them for your pet is different from getting them from an online source who knows nothing about your pet.  In some cases, internet pharmacies have been known for illegally supplying the public with medications without a valid prescription, or under other false pretenses. In other cases, the product sold was not the same as the one prescribed or was counterfeit.  Not saying that all online pharmacies are bad, but enough of them have shown a tendency towards questionable ethics that we should all do our due diligence on the source of our pet’s medication.

Mountain View Animal Hospital now has an online pharmacy for your convenience. While this is different than purchasing medications from us directly, this pharmacy is managed by a company that we have fully vetted their products, safety, and even refund policy, making this easier for you to find a trusted source.


Feel free to purchase medications from any online source, but please do your research on where you purchase your pet’s medications. Understand that when you purchase your pets prescription online it can take up to 2 business days to approve these items. For your peace of mind and convenience we have provided you a source to purchase medications online that is a reliable source.

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