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How to Prepare Your dog for a veterinary visit


     Studies show that lowered stress levels lead to pets that recover faster from surgery and diseases. Here at Mountain View Animal Hospital in Redmond, Oregon, we are committed to providing a low stress environment for you pet during their visit and if needed, during their stay here. Help us keep the fear free environment by preparing your canine friend at home, even before the care ride

  • Start by getting your pet socialized to travel. If you have a dog who gets nervous with car rides- try using a crate, pheromone sprays in the car, or even motion sickness medications. Call us if you have a dog who has troubles with just the car ride so we can help you with a specific plan.

  • Bring your dog's favorite blanket  or pillow with you to the exam, familiar smells will calm your pet during their visit or stay.

  • Bring your dog's favorite toy- playing before, during, and after the visit will ensure happy memories at the vet.

  • Is your dog not very food or toy motivated? Bring your pets favorite comb or brush. Just the constant contact can be soothing for all pets.

  • When scheduling your appointment- let us know if you have a nervous pet, we can schedule during a quiet time at the clinic and plan for going slower with your pet to ensure a less stressful visit.

  • Bring your dog hungry, skip or go light on breakfast, and bring a favorite treat. We will hand out plenty of treats during the visit to lower any stress or anxiety your pet may be experiences.

  • Upon arrival feel free to stay in the car! Just call or text us your arrival with your vehicle make and color and we will come get you when its time for your appointment

  • Let us know if your pet has any food intolerances or concerns.


  • Drop by anytime during business hours with your pet to get affection and treats from our staff. This will help your dog make the veterinary clinic a fun place to be. 

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