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Mysterious Cough- UPDATED

Updated: Feb 22

The mysterious respiratory disease complex, or CIRDC, that has been circulating has seemed to disappear as fast as it came. Experts report that the number of cases crested before the end of the year. We still have not been able to identify the cause at this time, but happy to report the cases really started to decline the beginning of January.

Last year there have been about 200 dogs in the Willamette Valley diagnosed with this new upper respiratory disease that is going around. The concerning part of this particular CIRDC outbreak was that it seriously affected otherwise young and healthy dogs.

Is it ok to go back to the dog park?

I would caution this as we still have the usually bacteria and viruses that cause CIRDC out there and this the time of year we typically see those cases as well.

What should you do for your pet? Keep your dog up to date on vaccines that keep the respiratory tract healthy. At Mountain View Animal Hospital we are constantly monitoring these outbreaks and reviewing our vaccine protocols to be the most up to date and protective fore our fur babies.

See the American Veterinary Medical Association for more details:

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